Pat Boas

Abstraction Machine 


Gouache on paper

Abstraction Machine melds contemporary and traditional “technologies,” mining Internet crowd-sourced image-banks, widely available symbol fonts and the conventions of landscape and still life painting as generators for narratives. Each set of images in the series represents a word (e.g.,poisonradar) that has been translated into Webdings, a common word processing symbol font. A written description of the Webdings symbol for each letter of the word is typed into Google Images and photos yielded by the search are used as sources for a discrete series of paintings. 
Photo credit: Tracy Harrison

NYT Drawings
2001-2002 and 2008-2009
From the first of January until the end of 2001, I collected the front pages of The New York Times and used this archive to construct drawings to mark the new millennium. I thought of the newspaper as a kind of collective memory. There were many events – September 11th among them – that changed the way I read the same stories over and over as I worked on the drawings. When I began I thought they would be souvenirs of a year no one would remember. 
All the Heads on the Front Pages of the New York Times, 2001 and Alphabet (NYT 01/01/01) were shown in The Daily News, an exhibit of British and American artists who make work from and about the newspaper. The exhibition originated at the Salt Lake Art Center in 2005 and traveled to the Nicolaysen Art Museum and the Boise Art Museum in 2006. Those two series were joined by Little People for my 2009 solo exhibition at the Art Gym, Record, Record. All the Heads was most recently exhibited in All The News That’s Fit to Print at the Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Art in 2014.